CNC Trimming - 3 Axis

Future Plastics have a range of 3 Axis Mantech and AXYZ CNC machines with a maximum bedsize of 3050 x 2050. Fitted with high powered spindles and automatic tool changers, the CNC systems use a selection of high precision cutting bits to perform various cutting tasks. Tight tolerance flat sheet plastic components are produced for all our client types on these busy machines.

Future Plastics Group leads the industry in CNC Trimming 3 Axis manufacturing processes. With advanced technology and a skilled workforce, we deliver precise and efficient results. Our experienced team ensures accurate trimming from design to CNC machine execution. Recognized for excellence and investment in our people, we provide superior heavy gauge thermoforming solutions, including CNC Trimming 3 Axis.

At Future Plastics Group, our CNC Trimming 3 Axis manufacturing process is reliable and precise. Through close collaboration and advanced CAD software, we program the CNC machine for accurate trimming. Our skilled technicians execute the process with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing flawless products that meet the highest standards. Future Plastics Group is your trusted partner for superior CNC Trimming 3 Axis manufacturing.