CNC Trimming - 5 Axis

Advancements in programming software in recent years has made the process of trimming moulded parts far more accurate and created multiple design options for finishing. Future Plastics operate a number of Geiss, Belotti and CMS 5 axis CNC trimming centre’s. Largest bed size is 4000mm x 1500mm.

Future Plastics Group excels in CNC Trimming 5 Axis manufacturing processes, delivering exceptional heavy gauge thermoforming solutions. Our precision and efficiency are unmatched, from design to execution on advanced CNC machines. With a commitment to excellence and investment in our team, we lead the industry in providing superior CNC Trimming 5 Axis solutions.

At Future Plastics Group, our CNC Trimming 5 Axis manufacturing process ensures precise and consistent results. Through collaboration and advanced CAD software, we program our cutting-edge CNC machines for accurate trimming. Our skilled technicians execute the process with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing flawless products that meet the highest standards. Count on Future Plastics Group for outstanding CNC Trimming 5 Axis manufacturing.