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The Future Plastics Team

New Construction & Flat-Pack Face Shields


In late March, we redirected our production from heavy gauge thermoforming to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the form of Protexx face-shields for front line medical workers. Due to the success of Protexx Face Shields – we have now introduced a solution for construction workers and a less expensive flat-pack option.

The Government introduced the first of a five phase reopening of the economy on May 18th, we are currently still in phase one with outdoor workers and some retailers able to return to their practice. The social distancing requirements will continue to apply. In order to help these workers take the necessary precautions on their return to work, the Construction Face Shield offers a lightweight, comfortable, highly visible solution. The visor is non-impact and is easily disposable.

The Flat-Pack Face Shield option is less expensive than the original fully assembled version and offers great resistance against risk of contamination to the eyes from splashing of blood, body fluids, excretions or secretions. There have also been studies to suggest that face shields were preferred to googles by health workers because they were more comfortable, fogged less easily, and the perceived protection was higher. Patients also preferred face shields, since they were able to see the health worker better.

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