Thermoforming - Pressure Forming

Pressure forming competes with injection moulding in terms of surface detail where sharpness and crispness of styling lines are important. The process has much more affordable tooling with a shorter time-to-market. Pressure forming uses compressed air to force the sheet into contact with the tool facing. This enables textures, undercuts and fine detail to be formed into the face of the part. Using this technique detail similar to injection moulding can be achieved on the toolface side of the component.

Some advantages of Pressure Forming

  • A pressure-formed part can achieve sharp, crisp surface details, such as a grained or textured finish.
  • Parts that cannot be made by conventional vacuum forming—can be produced using the advanced capabilities of pressure forming.
  • Three-dimensional parts that have a significant third dimension (or depth of draw) can be produced through pressure forming.
  • Parts with undercuts or recessed features on sidewalls are excellent applications for the unique capabilities of pressure forming.
  • Tooling for pressure-forming is far more competitive than plastic injection moulding.
  • Quicker to Market than Plastic Injection Moulded Parts due to less complex moulds.

Press Moulding

Using large pressure rams, male and female moulds are used to achieve high definition finished parts. Advantages of this application are low cost tooling and the capacity to achieve glass look, distortion free clear products.

Dome Blowing

High clarity rounded finishes such as domes, spheres and oval shapes can be achieved using this process. Typical end products range from roof lights to signage and display items.

Line Bending

Future Plastics have a large range of industrial line bending machines suitable for light and heavy gauge materials. Line bending is a process whereby a piece of plastic is bent along a narrowly defined “line”. Our large range of equipment allows us to bend sheet thermoplastics up to 5 metres in length.

Manufacturing Process

Future Plastics Group excels in the manufacturing process of pressure forming, a key aspect of our heavy gauge thermoforming solutions. With a focus on low risk, high quality, and cost competitiveness, we employ cutting-edge technology and industry-leading practices. From meticulous design to material selection and tooling, our experienced team ensures exceptional results. By investing in our people and pursuing excellence, we are internationally recognised as the leader in providing superior pressure forming manufacturing solutions.

At Future Plastics Group, our pressure forming manufacturing process is characterised by precision and efficiency. Through close collaboration with our clients, advanced CAD design, and careful material selection, we create detailed 3D models and produce exceptional products. With state-of-the-art facilities and stringent quality control measures, we guarantee defect-free, industry-standard products. Future Plastics Group is your trusted partner for manufacturing excellence in pressure forming.

Specialist Engineering

We supply high specification customized vacuum forming solutions to clients that operate globally in various Industries.

Affordable Pricing

We offer exciting design options at affordable prices.

Sharp Detalling

This method is optimal for the production of products with sharp detailing.