Thermoforming - Vacuum Forming

This is a plastic thermoforming process that involves forming thermoplastic sheets into three-dimensional shapes through the application of heat and vacuum. During the vacuum forming processes, plastic material is heated until it becomes pliable, and then it is placed over a mould and drawn in by a vacuum until it takes on the desired shape.
Vacuum thermoforming is a great method for producing plastic parts that have sharp details and fit nicely to specific products. Our in-house tooling capabilities allow us to offer exciting design options at affordable prices.
We have a variety of Geiss and Cannon Shelley forming machines in our plant. Maximum bed size of 2500mm x 1500mm with a draw depth of 800mm.

Specialist Engineering

We supply high specification customized thermoformed solutions to clients that operate globally in various Industries.

Affordable Pricing

We offer exciting design options at affordable prices.

Sharp Detalling

This method is optimal for the production of products with sharp detailing.